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Human Resource Management Software


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Nitso Human Resources management System is a software application that combines many Human resources functions, including benefits administrations, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

(Up to 100 Employees)

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HRMS software you can process this Functions.

  • Payroll management.  Wages are automatically calculated based on your preset schedule: daily or monthly or hourly. This is one of the main advantages of Our payroll management software. The module consolidates wage-related items like attendance, salary grade, benefits, reimbursements, leaves, advances, withholding taxes, terms and policies, etc. to compute wages. Our solutions need only to be manually set up with your rules, then the system takes over the payroll process. It can be customized along multiple pay and benefits structures and further configured for specific employees or contractors.
  • Leaves management. This module allows employees to submit leave claims and monitor their leave balance, while managers can review such requests and notify employees of approved or declined claims. This module also calculates accrued leaves for wage calculation. 
  • Expense management. Expenses, deductions, loans, advances and other employee costs are entered, tracked and calculated in this module. Payroll systems has also a feature of loan ledger to account for all approved employee loans. This module may also handle reimbursements based on approved expenses.
  • Benefits, bonus management. The module manages various benefits claims, including CBA,, allowances and other employee perks.  
  • Additional Payment: In this Features Employer can process Supplementary payment, Gratuity calculations, Leave Encashment. 
  • Income tax & deductions. This feature processes pre- and post-tax deductions. It helps Emplyoess comply with various state and federal taxes and social security requirements. The system automatically does the calculations based on latest regulations. Our payroll management solutions provide tools for income tax projections, TDS estimates and annual tax-saving investments.  
  • Time and attendance tracking. Our  payroll management software include a timetracking feature to manage attendance. This module tracks absences, increments, leaves and attritions and sync these data with wage/salary calculations. Some advanced features let you manage multiple shifts and transfers and biometric integration to show real-time clock-in/out. 
  • Reports, pay slips, forms. This is another key feature, which help in generates payroll reports like salary statements, benefits reports or leave summaries. Employees can also access this platform to check or print payslips. Regulatory forms such as Form 16, Form 12BA and Form 12C may also be downloaded and printed.
  • Record-keeping. Our Payroll management software also acts as a central repository of employee records and related documents. This feature usually include document management to handle files like offer letter, experience letter, employee profiles, organizational charts and applicable statutes for labor, tax and occupational safety.  
  • Employees Self Services : In Employees Self services modules Employees can view their personal details, leaves balance details, loan details, reimbursement details, CTC details, pay slip, submit their investment, show their projections, views company policy , Rules/ policies /announcements. This functions also give rights to employees apply leaves from their ESS portal. 


  • Performance Management System: Define Goal/KRA with Weightage. Create & open appraisal calendar for appraisal. HR can create multiple templates for appraisal . Employee can do self appraisal then HOD will review & comment. HR will do the final review and close the appraisal. Final scorecard will be generated will help at increment.


  • Training Management systems: 

1) Course, Instructor, Category, Location and other master can be defined. 

2) Training request can be generated with approval process.

3) Training calendar can be set with attendees and instructor.

4) Evaluation of training, effectiveness and overall feedback.Training progress and summary, detailed reports.

  • Recruitment Management:

1) Applicant Database will maintain.

2) Interview scheduling with rounds.

3) Recruitment module will automate the hiring process with comprehensive & user friendly interface for candidate database.

4) Requisition can be made by HOD.

5) Escalation to HR for final approval, dynamic interview process & capturing review at all rounds.

6) Website career page linking.

  • Exit Management System  

1) Employee can generate resignation request.  

2) Comprehensive Exit Interview Form with user defined templates.  

3) Separate templates for different departments. 

4) Final approval from HR with exit interview details. 

5) Exit Analysis.

  • Travel Desk Management: 

1) Online travel requisition and approval.

2) Maintain scanned receipts and track expense claims. 

3) online approval and payment process.

4) File expense statements from anywhere, anytime.

5) Real-time travel requests online.

6) Set up grade based travel policies.

7) Travel module automatically notifies the travel desk or agent via email once travel plans are approved.

8) Travel module can automatically link travel expenses with travel requests. 

9) Analysis of travel and expenses.

  • Employees Hierarchy: 

1) Division of labour: dividing up the many tasks of the organization into specialized jobs 

2) Hierarchy of authority: Who manages whom.

3) Span of control: Who manages whom.

4) Line vs. staff positions

5)  Decentralization


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Human Resource Management Software

Human Resource Management Software

Nitso Human Resources management System is a software application that combines many Human resources functions, including benefits administrations, payroll, recruiting and training, and performance analysis and review into one package.

(Up to 100 Employees)