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Exchange e-invoices

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Exchange e-invoices for automated / one click invoice accounting

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Features of Incoming e-Invoicing

  •          Lists transactions to post immediately or after relevant approvals
  •          Creates new stock item masters, if not exists
  •          Maps stock items, expenses ledgers, tax ledgers for every supplier
  •          Displays pre-mapped stock items for future e-Invoice from same supplier
  •          Modifies the existing invoice on posting of revised e-Invoice


Benefits of Incoming e-Invoicing

  •          Accurate and faster invoice accounting
  •          Accuracy in Inventory Management
  •          No knowledge of Tally requires
  •          Simplicity like handling with emails


Features of Outgoing e-Invoicing’

  •          Lists e-Invoices of connected companies ready to send
  •          Sends e-Invoices one by one after review
  •          Setting for auto sending to identified customers and stops back


Benefits of Outgoing e-Invoicing

  •          Keeps customers accounts reconciled
  •          Ensures accurate accounting treatment in customers books
  •          Speed up realization of payments 


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Exchange e-invoices for automated / one click invoice accounting